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Our Roadsmart all-round street performer shook up the pecking order for high performance road tyres when it was launched in 2008. No longer do you need to accept a compromise between mileage or grip, comfort or feedback, stability or maneuverability. The Roadsmart offers it all at the very highest level in one tyre!

A unique tread pattern design with higher sea/land groove distribution and deeper tread grooves in the central area maximise performance in the wet, making the Roadsmart the perfect tyre for any kind of road bike in any given conditions.

Imagine you’ve just been given the chance to design your own sports tyre. What features would it have? Race-quality grip? Wet-roads predictability? Touring mileage? How about all three features in one tyre? That’s exactly what Dunlop has achieved in its dynamic new SportSmart.

Multi-Tread gives you high mileage and the confidence to push your bike on wet or dry roads, while Dunlop’s unique NTEC system lets you fine-tune the SportSmart’s inflation pressure for totally connected track day performance. For supersport and hypersport riders, the SportSmart is quite simply the tyre you’d design for yourself.

The new road-going Sportmax GP Racer D211 tyre’s Multi-Tread compound delivers superb grip, precise feedback and slow wear rates for longer life, and the revolutionary NTEC system provides pressure tuning options that will satisfy the most hard-core track day fanatic as well as the pure sports rider, without compromising mileage.

Dunlop Tyres

The D404 is based on Harley-Davidson's legendary tread pattern and is designed for high mileage and heavy loads.  The D404 delivers increased riding comfort with reduced rolling noise and is available with either black or white sidewalls.  Bias-ply construction enables smooth and comfortable riding.  Tread compound and pattern delivers excellent mileage and wet and dry road grip.
Off-set centre tread groove delivers superb straight-line stability

The relationship between a Harley-Davidson and its owner is a special one. That's why The Motor Company chooses Dunlop's D407 and D408F as Original and co-brands them as such.

Equipment (OE) on its Rocker, Rocker C and selected Screamin' Eagle and Softail motorcycles. Engineered in partnership with Harley-Davidson, the computer optimised compound and reversed-pattern tread faithfully transfer the classic V-twin's torque to the road, delivering strong, secure handling in all conditions.  Angled lateral grooves promote efficient water release, so even when you're caught in the rain you'll still be enjoying that uniquely relaxed Harley state of mind.

The D427 is Original Equipment (OE) on the 2008 Harley-Davidson Fat Bob motorcycle. The tread pattern provides a retro look, yet retains all the performance and handling capability that today's Harley-Davidson motorcycles require.

The Elite 3 has class-leading wet road grip and excellent durability.  Tread groove design reduces reaction to road imperfections and contributes to good wear. Its optimum profile shape has also resulted in superior straight-line stability and greater cornering agility, giving a more secure feeling when leaned over.  The Elite 3 Bias suits a wide range of large touring motorcycles as well as some of the most popular cruisers, while the Elite 3 Radial, which is a wide tyre option, will certainly make a big impression!

Dunlop’s new technologically advanced tyre for sport bikes takes its name from SportSmart x SportSmart = SportSmart2, delivering comfort, superior handling*, optimised wet and dry grip, durability and high speed potential. The technology behind SportSmart2 has been developed by Dunlop’s European R&D team and is derived from products that have proved to be winners in racing, such as the D212 GP Pro.