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Continental Tyres

In the dry the ContiSportAttack achieves an astonishing 50.8 degrees of lean angle with the highest grip coefficient in class. Essential to the design solution for the ContiSportAttack was the visual aesthetic of the tread, which accentuates the performance of the tyre.

The ContiSportAttack uses a distinctive, unique, tread design that compliments any motorcycle to which it is fitted. The ContiSportAttack delivers class leading technology and performance and maintains Continentals priority for consumer satisfaction and safety. ContiSportAttack, fear no road.

ContiSportAttack 2
- Advanced High Performance Supersport Tyre for Street use.

Extraordinary light and precise handling with outstanding grip and cornering stability Special construction of the front and rear tyre for higher stability and feedback when braking into and accelerating out of corners.
Black Chili Compound for good cold grip and quick warm up times, specially designed for performance orientated riders.

The ContiRoadAttack – Sports Touring puts 12% more rubber on the road than any competitors tyre due to Dynamic Footprint Technology taking sport-touring bike cornering performance & safety to a higher level. The sticky compound with 7mm deep tread gives supersports performance and sport-touring tread life.
With optimised multiple curvature design (MCD) gives light, responsive steering and handling making this the best looking tyre on the market!